FACCT ID Badges Now Available!

FACCT has designed and produced FACCT ID Badges with a pouch.  The pouch has a zippered compartment to hold your personal cards and comes with a neckband strap.  It is professionally made with very excellent quality.

All ID Badges will be custom made with your photograph and FACCT information (member/certified/license number).

Membership only:  $32.95
Certified:  $37.95
Licensed:  $42.95

If you are interested in purchasing an ID Badge, please email a photo of yourself (in jpeg format, please) to: facct93@embarqmail.com

The photo must be on a solid colored background.  
Payments can be mailed to:
FACCT, 611 S. Main Ave., Groveland, FL 34736
or you may call 352-429-5600 to pay by credit card.

American College of Forensic Examiners Institute


The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute is an organization that comes highly recommended by Dr. Joseph Nussbaumer, Jr.  Please see their website at ACFEI.com

Career Opportunity!

State-Licensed Christian Psychologist

GFC Counseling in Groveland, FL, currently has an opening for a State-Licensed Christian Psychologist.  Established in 1990, GFC Counseling has been serving children, families, individuals, and residents of Lake County, as well as the surrounding communities of central Florida. 

Please see our website gfccounseling.com for more information regarding our practice, or visit indeed.com to learn more about the position or submit your resume.


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule your interview, please contact Office Manager Kevin Drinka at 352-429-5600. 

    "A well written work for those who minister to hurting souls.  It is a  pleasure for me to recommend this book."  

                       -- Dr. Joseph Wm. Nussbaumer, Jr., Ph.D., c/psy.

 Dr. Sharon Miller, Ph.D., LCCT is available for teaching  the concepts presented in this book, and also for  certification.  She can be reached at 850-557-7728
(This book is also available from Amazon.com)

New book released by FACCT member

Dr. Danny L. White

The cost of the book is $25.00 (this price includes shipping).  Proceeds from book sales will go towards raising money for Dr. White's Calvary Baptist College in Palmares, Costa Rica.

To place your order, please call Kevin Drinka at 352-429-5600.

   American Psychotherapy Association (APA)

If you are interested in joining a professional organization that supports the goals and mission of FACCT, please contact our Headquarters Office at 352-429-5600 to expedite your membership with the APA.  As well, be sure to see their website at AmericanPsychotherapy.com for more information.


Book released by FACCT member

                       Attorney Steven S. Graves

This book is now part of FACCT's "Testifying in Court"   course.  The book is also required for any FACCT Members upgrading their license to include Psychologist / Clinical work.  A highly recommended read for all other FACCT members & license holders.     

The cost of the book is $29.00 (this price includes sales tax
and shipping costs). 

Please call Attorney Steven Graves at 407-967-3745, or email him at ssgesq@aol.com to order your copy today!

News & Links

    Get YOUR name added to the our monument         at the FACCT National Headquarters Office!!!

If you missed out on the opportunity the first time to have your name engraved into the back of the FACCT monument outside the National Headquarters Office in Groveland, Florida, now is the time to have it added!

Cost is $250.00 per name  

Please contact Kevin Drinka at 352-429-5600 for more information, or to have your name added to the list.

          FACCT Featured in Magazine Article

    Click on this link to see the article about our organization being featured in the magazine Annals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health, Winter/Spring 2013 issue (once there, click on the Archives Tab.)

     Christian Counseling Institute
      An Affordable, Accredited, Academic Institution   

If you are interested in becoming a Christian Life Coach, Christian Counselor, or Christian Therapist, we have program for you! 

Visit our website:  www.ChristianCounselingInstitute.com
Call: 904-435-4319 

If you are interested in enhancing your skills as a spiritual leader, acquiring a higher Christian education, or developing a training program to better equip laity to be able to minister to one another in the body of Christ, we have a flexible and affordable program for you! 

Dr. Rodney Paige, Ph.D. - President

                    "Just from the Heart"

Two years ago, Dr. Joseph Wm. Nussbaumer, Jr. had the privilege of being interviewed by Mr. Anthony Justice, President of "Just from the Heart", a non-profit ministry committed to the betterment of our local communities and the success of small businesses.  To watch a video of this interview, which is being used to help to promote FACCT, please click here

         A book released by FACCT members
                Dr. Sharon & Gordon Miller:

  Liberty CounselFiles Suit Against Outrageous 

  New California Law Banning "Change Therapy" 

Can  you believe it?  We are told that California recently passed a law which states that mental health therapists and counselors cannot say anything negative about homosexuality to their clients.  This is the very reason why we need to get every Christian therapist, state-licensed or not, to join FACCT and band together to prevent this from happening in other states.  Please do your part by inviting your Christian colleagues, friends, and other clergy to consider joining FACCT.

See The Liberator, Nov. 2012 issue, for more information. http://www.lc.org

See articles about Dr. Nussbaumer and the court order protecting and affirming confidentiality for FACCT-licensed therapists:

Liberty Counsel link one,
Liberty Counsel link two,
Liberty Counsel link three
Court case
Case sited by another

     "Workable Counseling Solutions" Course
DVD's Now Available for Purchase!

In the summer of 2015, GFC Counseling in Groveland, FL offered "Workable Counseling Solutions", a college level course focusing on Christian counseling techniques.  

The course was 15 weeks in length and was presented by Dr. Joseph Wm. Nussbaumer, Jr, Ph.D., c/psy.

DVD's of the classes are now available for purchase.  They can be ordered as a boxed set, or selected individually by topic.

For more information, or to place your order, please contact Kevin Drinka at 352-429-5600.

Federal Association of Christian Counselors & Therapists, Inc.