The FACCT Chaplaincy Board was created in March 2020 as an answer to a call in the community for a credible source providing credentials for qualified chaplains serving in various roles and ministries.  The need for chaplain certification has arisen since many highly qualified chaplains are often overlooked as resources, simply because the individual cannot readily attest to their education and experience.  FACCT chaplaincy allows you to consolidate and validate your educational background and practical experience in your service as a chaplain in a more formal and consistent manner through certification.  

Areas of Certification in FACCT Chaplaincy:


Industrial & Community Services

Emergency Services - First Responders & Disaster Relief

Judicial Services - Jail / Prison Ministries

Medical Services - Hospital / Hospice Care

Military Services

FACCT Chaplaincy

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​​Please note: Membership in FACCT is required before the chaplaincy application process can begin.  Other memberships within FACCT are available for persons desiring to support our goals.