On Friday, June 5th, 2020, FACCT recognized Attorney Steven S. Graves with a plaque of appreciation for his many years of service to the organization.  Attorney Graves was very instrumental in helping to get FACCT "off the ground" when it was first founded back in 1993.

The wording of the plaque read, in part, "You will never know the impact of your years of input into FACCT, and there's no way we can express in words how much you contributed to its success.  Therefore, we want to say, 'Job Well Done'.  Your contributions to Christ's ministry are not only appreciated by those signing this, but by all our past board members and the FACCT membership at large".

All these years later, his contributions are continuing to be felt as hundreds of FACCT-licensed members minister the Word of God to clients across the United States, and around the world.  Thank you so much, Steve, for serving the Lord in this way!

A wonderful time of fellowship was had by all at the 30th Anniversary FACCT Conference!  Make your plans now to attend the 2024 FACCT Conference on October 26th!

Dr. Rodney Paige was presented with a FACCT Plaque of Appreciation on Friday, November 1st, 2019.  He was honored for his many years of service to the organization.  Presenting him with the plaque was Dr. Joseph Nussbaumer, Jr., and Rev. Kevin M. Drinka.  Dr. Paige served as FACCT 's Membership Chair and was an Executive Board Member for many, many years.  Dr. Paige's tireless dedication to the mission and growth of FACCT will always be remembered and appreciated!

                                                               Congratulations, Dr. Paige!

Dr. Joseph Nussbaumer, Jr. and Rev. Kevin M. Drinka had the privilege of honoring Dr. Bryan "Buddy" Morrow, Jr. with a plaque of appreciation from FACCT on Sunday evening, October 27th, 2019 in Melbourne, Florida.  The plaque was presented to Dr. Morrow, thanking him for his many years of faithfulness and service to the organization.  On behalf of the FACCT membership, we appreciate all that Dr. Buddy has done to help further the mission and cause of FACCT.  

​                                                                                      Thank you

                                     so very much,

                                     Dr. Buddy!

30th Anniversary FACCT Conference

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