Facts about FACCT

      Steps to becoming licensed
                  with FACCT: 

1 - Become a member of FACCT:
The first step is to apply for
membership.  Click here to download the membership application, complete the form, print, sign, and mail with appropriate fee to Membership Chair, Dr. Rodney Paige (address on form). 

2 -
Requirements for license: Degrees and training appropriate for license desired and 30 credit hours of Bible classes or equivalent for all FACCT licenses. Active Membership in FACCT is also required.

3 -
Once you have received your membership certificate, you may submit a pre-application for licensure or certification.  This will allow the Licensure Board to look over your credentials and advise you about licensing with FACCT. Download the
pre-application form, complete and mail with $35 (non-refundable administrative fee) to Licensure Board (address on form).

4 -
Apply for license:  
After consulting with the Licensure
Board, you will need to submit the complete application for the license or certification you are seeking.  Dr. Buddy Morrow will advise you as to obtaining this application.  Submit application and appropriate fee to Licensure Board (address on form).

Note: License fees vary depending upon the certification or license being requested.

►2018 marks 25 years that FACCT has been in existence. Founded in 1993, FACCT has existed to offer certification, licensing, professionalism, and fellowship to qualified Christian counselors, therapists, and laymen.

► FACCT operates in accordance with, but is not restricted by, state laws concerning the ministry of clinical psychology, pastoral counseling and therapy.

► FACCT represents the Church within our state's political arena in an attempt to protect our Christian values, rights, and privileges.

► FACCT assists qualified Christians who desire to provide Biblically-based and sound psychological and counseling services under the auspices of the Church.

► FACCT will work to uphold the free exercise of religion that is afforded and guaranteed to everyone by the Constitution of the United States.

► FACCT offers different levels of lay certifications and professional licenses for those who meet minimum qualifications.

► FACCT offers referrals to reputable Christian colleges and universities that provide training and degrees in counseling and psychology.

► FACCT also offers continuing education through seminars and conferences.

► FACCT provides its members information regarding matters including, but not limited to: opening your own counseling practice, liability insurance, licensing concerns and issues, laws and statutes, networking with other FACCT members, pay scales, and third party insurance billing.  Reciprocity with Christian organizations in several other states is also in place.

► FACCT now has membership representation in the following U.S. States: Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. FACCT also has international representation in the following countries: New Delhi, India, Palmares, Costa Rica, Toronto, Ontario Canada, and Togo, West Africa.

► FACCT does  not allow persons with the following religious affiliations into its membership:

-- Seventh Day Adventists

-- Jehovah's Witnesses

-- Mormons

-- Christian Scientists

-- Any other denomination that does not accept the deity of God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, His substitutionary death on the cross for our sins, and Christ's subsequent resurrection on the third day.

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